About us!


Hey everyone! I have made a schedule for every week! I may have to not do baking every once in a while though. 🙂 Here it is!

Sunday: Sunday Showcase

Monday: Sewing

Tuesday: Baking or craft

Wednesday:  Doll Crafts

Thursday: Doll Fun

Friday: Craft Day

Saturday: Weekly Lookback and Saturday Surprise!!

Thanks everyone!


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About Us!

Ok now! I have a bunch of questions we are going to answer so you can get to know us! You can find this post anytime in the categorie area of our blog! If you would like to ask us a question comment here please!

Flower (me)

Age: 12

Favorite color: Green

Hobbies: Riding my bike, shooting my bow and arrow, playing with dolls, crafting and sewing!

Favorite thing to cook/bake: COOKIES!!

Molly (my AG doll)

Age: 7

Favorite color: Pink

Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Playing outside, Dressing up!

Favorite thing to cook/bake: Apple and cherry pie!

Julie (Bella’s Doll)

Age: 7

Favorite color: pink

Hobbies: Baking, Dancing, Basketball, Soccer

Favorite thing to cook/bake: Gumbo

Bella (my sister)

Age: 9

Favorite color: Aqua blue

Hobbies: cooking, soccer, playing with dolls.

Favorite thing to cook/bake: Cake!

Alright that’s all of us! Have a great day!


Julie Molly Bella1 K1TUtFd[1]

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Molly and Me! I’m Flower and am new to blogging. Hopefully my blog will be up and running with crafts and other fun projects! Please follow us and comment! We love comments and will gladly comment back! Have a good day!


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