Changing blog!

I changed my blog to Blogspot! Please come see it!! I will not get on here anymore.

Here is the link: http://craftingwithmnm.blogspot.com/

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Welcome Home Party!

 Julie……( my sisters doll) as you know, came home from the american girl doll hospital the other day and we have been planning a party! We hosted this party when she came home! Here are some pics! 🙂 I made the yellow and red dresess they are wearing!! I will have some similar to these in my shop when I get some made up!

Molly and Julie in there party dresses! DSC09930 DSC09933 DSC09935DSC09932 DSC09935 DSC09936 DSC09937 DSC09938K1TUtFd[1]

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Doll Diaries Giveaway Photo Contest!


Click the link above to enter the photo contest for dolls!! You can enter once everyday! The theme is arts! It could be painting, drawing, sewing, cooking, you know what I mean!

Flower and Molly 🙂

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American Girl Hospital!

This is Julie after visiting the American Girl Hospital! ( Julie is my sister’s doll!) She came with a hospital gown, certificate, get well card, cute little socks, and a hospital bracelet! Her hair is beautiful and most of the spots on her are gone! If you are thinking of sending your doll, It’s great service, (we got her in 5 days even though they said 2-3 weeks!) I think you should do it! The downside is, it’s a little pricey. Shipping was 7.99 and it cost 44 dollars! We only got her head replaced! Overall it was worth it! Have a good day!

Flower and Molly 🙂

The box! The Label Julie The whole package! Hospital Band! Get Well Card!

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