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Weekly Lookback! Week 1!

Every Saturday we will have a weekly lookback of what we have done that week! Here are some for our FIRST week!!


We had a Welcome Home Party, with yummy deserts and fun dancing!


We made beautiful flower pens from duct tape!


Julie came home from the AG Hospital, and I made a new dress! (modeled by Julie) 🙂

Have a great Weekend!

Flower, Bella, Julie, Molly! 🙂

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Duct Tape Flower Pen!


Hey Everyone! This Saturday’s craft is making a duct tape flower pen! There so pretty and great to write with! These would also make great valentines! The materials used for this project are, 2 colors of duct tape! ( one for the stem and one for the flower!) Scissors, a ruler, and a pen with a cap! First, measure the stem colored duct tape across your pen and roll it onto it!


Now measure out 25, 2inch squares of your flower colored duct tape!  



Now fold one corner of your square down where you have a little bit of duct tape left on each side!



Now fold the other top corner down to form a triangle!


Now do this to all 25 squares and start wrapping them around the top of your pen!  Keep wrapping untill you have a whole flower!


Like this flower!!


This is what your pen will look like when you’r all finished!


If you want to make someone special a valentines present they can use and admire, these are perfect! Experiment with different coloring or even use 2 different colors in one flower! That’s all for today’s craft! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!





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